Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Foul Shot

Penalty Corner

For the past few weeks all of room 2 have been working on our foul shot writing. This had to include two stanzas, one about the ball and the other one about the person shooting or running. It also wasn't allowed two have extra or unnecessary words like the or then, It needed to include strong verbs and each idea on a different line.
I decided to do mine on.

Foul Shot (Penalty Corner), ~Timothy Cornwall
0 0 on the scoreboard
With one play to go
Penalty corner
All of us the top of the D
10 seconds hanging on the clock
I loosen my sweaty hands on my stick,
Stare at the turf.
Flick it

It curves
Takes Flight
Plays it Coy
Heads in…
And Then
                     And then
                                                  And then.
Hits the post
Running in to get it
Ready with my stick
Strait at the goal
And it’s in the net.

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