Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Food Inquiry

Food Inquiry
For our Tuning in Inquiry we have had to investigate a type of food, I did Japanese Food, some people did cheese and other did Ice Cream there were a lot of foods being investigated.
The class and Mrs Cameron checked and gave feedback to the presenters, the criteria was Maps, how and who made the product, Images, what countries produce the product and some others that I can't remember.


Monday, 29 June 2015

Matariki Piktochart

Matariki Infographic!
This is my Infographic about Matariki, this includes facts, legends, the stars and what food has to do with Matariki. I used a resource called Piktochart, Check out the link Below.


Piktochart link

Friday, 5 June 2015

Tim's Starry Night

My Starry Night!

Our Class has been learning and studying visual art, we have been looking at Vincent Van Vogh's mixed media starry night and using it as a example and inspiration for our version on starry night, we painted our sky and outlined our landscape with chalk. After we painted using a double loading technique our landscape, we used black pastel to outline our landscape to make it stand out. This was quite a messy process but after the smudge and clean of pastel we got onto our houses most people used paper but Llewellyn and I used our pencil and pilot pen to make them stand out.

Oh, And find the five people!!