Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Quick Write Photo

Last Friday we started a quick write on a photo, this was a photo of a boy jumping of a jetty in Auckland.
This piece of writing had to include complex sentences and a variety of sentences

The Jump

As walk down the jetty I can hear the old wood creaking below my feet. I don’t look down. It’s choppy, I don’t care, it’s a storm it doesn’t matter I say to myself. To me this normal jumping off the jetty by the harbour, I do it with my friends, it helps me relax. I spend most of my time here but this time it doesn't feel like it use to. I still do it but everytime I jump the colder the water gets. One more time, but I can’t get out onto the jetty, I feel the water curl around me and tighten my chest. I start to panic.

This is a normal day at the jetty, for me this place is like my second home. Strangely this time it is just not the same because the gulls weren't on the wooden poles holding the wharf on the water and this small mackerels that used to call this place home are out of sight. A storm. It’s coming I can just make myself do one more just for luck.

Into the blue I go. It’s cold but it’s a nice cold, I feel the water curl around me like a frozen silk blanket. Then out of no where it wraps around me like a snake preparing to death roll. Pulls me under into the depths below me. I frantically scream. Try to kick my way back to the wharf. I go under.

Next thing I know, I’m in Hospital. I see family members crying. Patients trying to calm their friends and family. The doctors rush me around, I feel like I am on the brink of death,  would I ever make a recovery? How would my family cope?  Mum would be tearing her hair out. And dad would I ever see him again?

The End

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