Monday, 11 May 2015

To the Unknown Solider Inquiry Writing

As part of our Inquiry, we had to write about ANZAC day and a letter to the Unknown soldier, this had to include paragraphs, our knowledge of ANZAC day and complex sentences. This was a very long write but it came out awesome!!

To the Unknown Soldier
I don’t even know your name, where you came from or what your life was like before the war.  I’m writing to you, as a sign of appreciation not just from me but the whole of my country.                                                                                           

Image result for Soldier and poppyAlthough it was roughly one hundred years ago, we still have not forgotten you. We are still commemorating your sacrifice and bravery. I will never forget or dishonour you for the peace you have brought to this world.

Where were you when the outbreak of the great WWI was announced?.  Did you think it was going to be an adventure? Tell me how old you would be now if you survived the war? I can’t believe  
Today I am warm, safe, free and with a peaceful and fair government.  

I want you to know that we will not forget you. I cannot imagine what horrible things you would have seen. What did you think? Were you angry? Did you volunteer or were you forced? Or were you confused or angry about war.  How did you feel when you saw people dying right next to you? You probably would never speak of such things.

Were you proud to put on your country's uniform? I have heard about soldiers cutting them with their bayonet because the were so heavy and hot. Were you one these boys? How was the food and living conditions? Apparently there were rats the size of cats and bombs made out of jam tins. Summing it up in my words it was unbelievable.

I’m only young. 10 in fact. But I still know about the price you and your mates payed. We will never be able to repay the cost. I know you are a brave Kiwi boy and you died for your country and you should be proud.

Timothy Cornwall

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